Interview With Vladimir Kazanevsky from Ukraine

Kazanevsky Vladimir Free-lance cartoonist and writer. Won more than 400 prizes on International cartoon contests in 49 countries. Cartoons published in “Courrierinternational” … Cartoon books published in Switzerland, China, Belgium and Ukraine. Gave lectures on the Theory of Cartoon Art in numerous countries. What was your first satirical cartoon? My

Interview With Marcin Bondarowicz from- Poland

Explain about yourself in 100 words: (Example: Where are you from? What is your profession? How old are you? Etc.) Marcin: Based on the principle of not talking too much about myself, but letting others do so, I will try to briefly explain who I am. I was born in

Interview With Mello From Brazil

Your biography in 3 lines I am passionate about the art of drawing, who dreamed of living life drawing and in 2007 discovered he could make people smile and think being a cartoonist. What was your first satirical cartoon? Unfortunately I have not filed any cartoon that has created in


Interview With Carlos Amorim-Brazil

Your biography in 3 lines Carlos Alberto da Costa AMORIM was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, in 1964. Actually he publishes his editorials cartoons, caricatures and comics strips in many brazilian newspapers and magazines.  What was your first satirical cartoon? My first editorial cartoon was foi publicado no semanário

About Angel Boligan from Mexico

A man is stripped of his clothes, his mobile phone, the keys to your home, office and car, your watch, your notebook, your pen, and your credit card, as it goes up to the top of a hill, from which, free at last, under the shade of a tree, contemplates,

Interview With Musa Gumus-Turkey

-Your biography in 3 lines I’m a cartoonist to draw employees perceive the world to detect and universal values. I share my knowledge my 30 years of experience with children as a teacher. I do not smoke and do not use the car. I love to draw -What was your

Per Marquard Otzen – Denmark/Editorial cartoonist/ presentation

Per Marquard Otzen was born in 1944 in Copenhagen, Denmark Editorial Cartoonist 1967-2005 at the newspaper ‘Information’, an intellectual left-wing daily founded in 1940 as an illegal news agency for the resistance movement against the German occupation during WW2. From 1980 to 1995 also associated with the OP-ED pages at

International competition for an illustrated children’s book project

International competition for an illustrated children’s book project. Second edition. The first edition of the Clairvoyants competition turned out to be a success. The number of entries exceeded our boldest expectations: there were over 520 works submitted – many of them were very intriguing! We can already enjoy the first

Interview With Paolo Dalponte-Italy

Paolo Dalponte, born in Lomaso in 1958.Graduated in Trento Art Institut. Start like painter since1973 and using only this tecnic until 1985. After he used the pencil to drawing surrealistic subjects. At the about same time start to drawing cartoons. Now Is cartoonist, illustrator and graphic.  What was your first

Winners Of Virtual Shows Humor/October,2016

Winners Of Virtual Shows Humor/October,2016 The award-winning Virtual Shows Humor with Political Caricatures theme are: 1-Eduardo Baptistão – José Mujica 2 – Andrew Hippertt – Hillary Clinton 3 – Walter Toscano – François Hollande Honorable mentions in alphabetical order are: Elizeu Lima (Lula) Luiz Carlos Fernandes (Fidel) Marcos Guilherme (Trump