The Petition On International Cartoon Competitions‎

The results of the 31st Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2014 have already shown us that the rules of such cartoon contests should immediately be revised according to the internet age.

We, the undersigned cartoonists, suggest the following changes be added to the competition rules and taken into account by the competition organisation.

1.The participating cartoons must not be awarded in previous contests.

2. After being pres elected, the finalist works will be displayed on the organizing foundation’s website ( for a certain period (7-15 days) before the meeting of the international jury. At this period, cartoons will be publicly available for evaluation for authenticity, and any inquiries for fraud will be further considered by the jury. After this date, objections to authenticity will not be considered.

As cartoonists we suggest these two articles be added to the regulations of the international cartoon competitions. By this way, we believe the reputation of cartoon competitions, the juries, and the cartoonists will rise and the quality of cartoons produced will get higher.)

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