Interview With Jitet Koestana-Indonesia/

1. What was your first satirical cartoon?
I started a career as a cartoonist in 1987.  At that time, the State led by Presiiden Suharto.
At the Suharto regime, the rules are very strict to the newspaper. Because if you do not abide by the rules that he created, a media can be closed. Thus, the works of satirical cartoons difficult to perform. I was not the work of satirical cartoons published in the media, but, on selection in the cartoon contest internasional Canda Laga Mancanegara international Cartoon Contest  in Semarang, Indonesia. But, my drawings contained in the catalog blocked black. or rather censored. My work revolves around poverty. A mother who frying hand to feed the hungry children.

2. When did you start your professional working?
I started working professionally in 1990. In a local newspaper in Semarang, named Daily Kartika

3. What was your first published artwork?
the work of my cartoons were first published in the newspaper Suara Merdeka, This Week. A local newspaper in Semaranng, Indonesia in 1987.

4. What was your first prize?
Grand Prize in the Bola weekly National Cartoon Contest, Indonesia in 1990.

5. What was your last prize?
3rd Prize International Turhan Selcuk Cartoon Competition Turkey Pada 2015.

6. How do you find new ideas?
Lots of ways to be an idea for a cartoon.
A)  I can be obtained by making a comparative idea, or something opposite and contrasting.
For example, comparing the past and present.
B)   The idea can be obtained by changing a negative into a positive. Or, change the
positive to negative.
C)   Rewind logic. For example, used to be a parent who gives lessons children, now children
teach a lesson to parents. or, if the first big that eat the small, reversed into a small consuming large.
D)  The idea can be obtained by way of parody. making actual and past events that have kemiripa, made a somersault.
E)   banging between the strong and the weak.
F)  The idea can be obtained by, like putting together a puzzle. For example, a flower puzzle, a puzzle huge plume from the explosion of the atomic bomb, and an old puzzle that soldiers do not see the beauty. The third puzzle when assembled will produce an idea.
G)  The idea of ??a cartoon can also be obtained in a way, making anything unusual. For example, planting apple trees, but timbuh and fruitful grenades. fill water, but coming out of waste. , , And there are many more ways to get an idea.

7. Whats your idea about Inevitable Similarities?
I see the resemblance of a cartoon, from intention cartoonist. All returned to self cartoonist respectively. Somebody made a cartoon-like. but, there are indeed pure of mind though, and produce works that resemble cartoons. But, I’m sure. there are laws that are not visible, so that the laws of nature.
for cartoonists who have good intentions, surely nature will punish his way. Then, for the cartoonists who are looking for ideas through the process if the thought, and produce work that is similar, I think it is quite natural to happen. Why? Because, basically, that we do have a lot in common. Which we drank, we ate yamg, which we dispose through the sweat, dirt Through. , , same. We read, what we see, what we hear, which we also have in common sense. When we equally make a cartoon, and produce similar works very possible. Once again returning to the intention of the cartoonist. If you want to do a good deed, or worse. If my own, it is better to have good intentions, a good thing, and useful for the good. Actually, what’s looking for in life? Maybe, It was also a good question for the cartoonists and all human beings in this bimi. Success? Power? Wealth? Popularity? Or, Wisdom? We are all free to choose. I myself, if given the choice, I would choose wisdom. Because there is no evil in it. That there is only love. So, selali again, back to the intention of the cartoonist respectively.


8. What do you think about plagiarism?
I really do not like cheating plagiarism. Because, energy and mind will be wasted. A new and different works, will never be born.

9. Do you think who is the best Iranian Cartoonist?
Cartoonist Iran grew enormously, developing, and bear fruit very well. Because in Iran there are a lot of “water” for the life of a cartoonist. “Water” that life is, Irancartoon, CWN-News, Tabriz cartoon, Azercartoon, and so on. , ,

10. Who is the best Cartoonist in your country?
He was GM Sudarta. He was my senior in the newspaper Kompas.
And more importantly, who the people who contributed to the life of a cartoon in my country? They are is, Jaya Soeprana, GM Sudarta, Dwi Koendoro, Pramono R. Pramoedjo, Yehana SR, Darmito M Sudarmo, Goenawan Pranyoto, Prie GS, Koesnan Hoesi. . . Because they all are opening the way for the cartoon in my country. If they all do not exist, perhaps life cartoon in my country is very underdeveloped. Or maybe, I was never born as a cartoonist.

11. Do you think who is the best foreign cartoonist?
Many foreign cartoonists good. They have their own style.

12. What’s the best cartoon that you’ve ever seen? If possible send it to us.
All pictures cartoon in Irancartoon, are works of choice and everything was good. But, in my opinion, the best cartoonist is God. He has created a picture of a very kartunal life. Kartunis- cartoonists in the world to take pictures with a variety of events in different ways. Like pieces of a puzzle cartoons. But the truth is that having all the pieces puzlle it is God.

13. How much time do you pay for creating an artwork?
First, it usually makes long is the process of looking for ideas. When the idea has been met, then find out, whether the idea has never existed or not. If everything is okay, pling only takes approximately 7 hours. In the early beginning I became a cartoonist, to create a cartoon, could be one week. Because, I have to find ingredients to make a masterpiece and made a weighty work., I have to go to the bookstore, reading, Looking encyclopaedia. But now, the technology is more advanced. So, stay looking on the internet. So, it did not take long. Second, if media with the size of a large canvas, I could take approximately one month.

14. What are your tools and technique for creating artwork?
I wear watercolor if the medium paper, but if the canvas, I use acrylic painting.

15.Which software do you use?
Photoshop. But, I prefer manual than digital. Because, manuel is more expensive than digital.

16. What’s your recommendation to your colleagues?
Being a cartoonist is an option. Option is a way to live. Probably not only for professional cartoonist, but also for other professions. After becoming a cartoonist, would have to determine the direction and purpose. For what became a cartoonist? My goal of becoming a cartoonist is worship. By doing so, the cartoon can have more meaning. Can provide benefits in life.

17. What do you think about cartoon situation in the world?
We all have a choice, for what the cartoon was made. Cartoons can be made to entertain, criticize, praise, insults, propaganda, defend, judge. , , That cartoon map of the world. There is a benefit for life. But also there are not.

18. Did you ever had problems with your cartoons?
Alhamdulillah, I have good roads and not have a problem


19. What was your best cartoon?
All my cartoons and caricatures both. I have to love my work, just like me
love my children.

20. Have you ever created an immediate Cartoon?
I work in the newspaper Kompas. Everyday I make pictures instantly. I also frequently sketched straight face.

21. Have you ever been jury member in any Cartoon Contest?
At the national level, I often become competition jury cartoons, caricatures, comics, posters, logo . . .

22. What about Caricature?
Just like my answer No 21.

23. Have you ever worked in cooperation with another artist?
I often work together with other artists. I made a comic book cartoon pearl Al Ghazali and Jiddu Krishnamurti. It was the result of collaboration with other artists. Also when I held a joint exhibition.

24. What’s your idea about Irancartoon website?
I was intrigued by the idea of making Irancartoon like Facebook. But, sluggish interaction. Perhaps, if the interaction as soon as Facebook would be great.

25. If you were born again what did you choose as your career?
If I was born again, I would certainly choose the profession as a cartoonist. Why? Because, I know how to control the sense of God’s gift package. Hate-love, love, grief, happy-miserable, fair-greedy. , , Then a growing sense of gratitude that makes the heart happy. Also, I know the way to go, and I know the way home.

26. Do you think whats the boarder between Cartoon and Caricature?
Cartoons and caricatures is almost like a weapon. Just to what the weapon used. To combat something that is unfair, defend the oppressed, reminiscent of the corrupt rulers, to make happy a lot of people, or only used to enrich themselves . . .

27. What and when was your last exhibition?
Art exhibitions, Mandiri Art Award 2015.  and exhibits illustrate short stories Kompas newspaper.

28. What’s your description about cartoon?
Cartoon is a visual language. Cartoon easier to understand than the text of a long story. Cartoons can explain very long story with a picture. With universal nature, cartoons can even be read by anyone in the world. Without knowing the language.

29 Do you think an artist can have enough money by creating cartoon and caricature?
Allah gives life to all living beings on this earth. Humans, animals, plants. , , I am very confident. Everything is back to the cartoonist himself. He wanted to work or not. Cartoonist can make a cartoon weeks to anything and to anyone. All materials that have been available around us. In the real world or the virtual world. Staying we want to process them into money or not.

30. Who’s your favorite artist except in cartoon world?
My mother and father, Muhammad, Soekarno President, Abu Hamid Muhammad al-Ghazali, Jiddu Krishnamurti, Anthony De Mello, Dalai Lama, Steven Hawking,  Kitaro, eiji yoshikawa musashi, Celine Dion, Steven Spielberg, Steven Hawking . . .


31. What was the last book you’ve read?
31. Trilogy  The worm And Dirt favorite (Si Cacing Dan Kotoran Kesayangannya)  beloved works of Ajahn Brahm. The book contains short stories. But many enlightening. Some people do not seem to want to be free of problems. If they’re not having enough issues that can worry about, they will set the television soap opera to an alarming problem fictional characters therein. Many also feel that tension makes them more “Life”, they consider suffering as exciting. Presumably they do not want to be happy, so they want-wants so attached to their burden. This is one story:

Two people monk is a close friend throughout their lives. After they died, one was born as a god disebuah beautiful natural paradise, while his friend was born as a worm in a pile of dung.

The god immediately feel lost an old friend and wondered where he was reborn. He could not find it in heaven who lived, then he too searched for her in nature -Natural another heaven. His friend was not there anyway.

With the heavenly powers, the god of man’s search for his friend, but do not see as well. “Definitely my friends were not born in the wild animal” so he thought, but he checked the animal nature also, “Who knows !?”, she thought.

Still no sign of his friend. then the next deity looking into the world of insects and microorganisms and … .. a big surprise for him …., he found his friend was born as a worm in a pile of dung that disgusting!

Bond of friendship they are so strong, to the point that he felt must free this old friend of the pathetic birth, whether karma what took him over there.

The gods then appear in front of the turds and calling, “Hey worms! Do you remember me? We advance together became a monk in a previous life, and you are my best friend. I was reborn in nature heaven fun, while you are born in cow dung that disgusting this.But Do not worry, because I’m going to take you to heaven with me. Come on, old friend! ”

“Wait!” Said the worm, “What great natural paradise that you tell me that? I’m very happy here, along shit fragrant, delicious and tasty this. Thank you very much! ”

“You do not understand!”, Said the god, and he described how much fun and happy to be in heaven.
“Are there no shit?” Asked the worm, to the point.

“Certainly no! ‘Snorted the god.

“Then, I was unwilling to go!” Replied the worm steady. “It is well!” And the cacingpun immerse himself into the middle of the turds.

The gods thought, maybe if the worm had to see for myself the heavenly realm, then he will understand. Then the gods held his nose and stuck his hand into the shit, looking for the worm. Once found, he pulled.

“Hey! Do not bother me! “, Cried the worm. “Tolooooong! Emergency! I diculiiiik! “. slippery little worm squirm and wriggle up regardless, and then dive back into turds to hide.

The benevolent god’s return put his hand into the shit, can, and try to pull it out again. Barely able to get out, but because the worm was covered in slime and continues to squirm free themselves, eventually separated again for the second time, and hide deeper in the shit again. One hundred and eight times the gods tried to remove it from the pile poor worm faeces, but the worm is so attached to his favorite shit, so he continues to escape!


32. Do you think humor can be learned?
Humor can be learned. Because in fact, humor is inherent in all people.

33. What’s your idea about Black Humor?
I really appreciate the humor black and white appreciate humor. Because whatever humor, all of it is the work. As I have explained above. The most important thing for me, is not what humor? But, for what it was created humor?

34. Who is the best artist in Black Humor?
Lots of artists of black humor in this world, but that menjol for me is Serre.

35. What was your last performed Caricature?
Recently I made the cartoons, but over large canvas. Incidentally on selection In Mandiri Art Award and participate in exhibitions. Alhamdulillah, my work is sold at a very good price