Gallery Of Selected Artworks Of The 3rd International Biennial Book Cartoon Contest-Iran

Massoud Shojai Tabatabai mentioned about sending 2130 artworks by cooperation of 74 world countries in the 3rd International ” Book” Cartoon Biennial.
By ending deadline of the 3rd “Book” Cartoon Biennial Massoud Shojai Tabatabai secretary of the festival by giving the last information about received artworks to contest said :” deadline of the 3rd “Book” Cartoon Biennial by cooperation of 74 world countries was ended in January 2017 by receiving 2130 artworks from 768 world countries to secretariate of the contest.”
He added : ” The most received artworks were from Iranian artists and after Iran , Turkey, Indonesia and China” send the most artworks.”
Secretary of the 3rd ” Book” Cartoon Biennial said that in Cartoon Section we can’t emphasize on the fame of any country. In this contest 61 artists from Turkey, 23 from Brazil, 48 from Indonesia and 22 cartoonists from Ukraine send their artworks to the secretariate of the 3rd International ” Book” Cartoon Biennial.
Shojai Tabatabai said that world acceptance of this contest was remarkable in comparison to the previous contest.
Secretary of the 3rd Internationak “Book” Cartoon Biennial mentioned about judgement of received artworks to the secretariate of this Biennial :” Judgement will be in two parts. Jurors of the first judgement are: Mr. Nasser Moghadam, Mojtaba Heydar Panah and Ali Paknahad, now Mr. Bahram Arjmand Nia, Mohammadreza Doustmohammadi and Majid Amini are present in the second part of the judgement of this festival and foreign artists will be announced as soon.
We should mention that ” Book” Cartoon Biennial is using Cartoon for improving studying culture by help of Iran General Libraries. The first time of this biennial was in 2010 by presence of cartoonists from 53 world countries and the second time was in 2014 by participation of cartoonists from 64 world countries.
Closing ceremony of the 3rd International “Book” Cartoon Biennial will be on March 2017 and the winners will be announced in this ceremony.