The 4th International Biennial Book Cartoon Contest-Iran / 2018

Book & City, Book & Life, Book & Family, Book & Child, Book & Library, Book & Librarian, Book & Media, Book & Future
Each Participant Can Send Up To 5 Cartoons.
Must Send His (Full Name, Post Address, Email Address& Phone Number) Via Word File.
Send Cartoons Must Be 200 Dpi Resolutions, Width Or Length 2000 Pixel & Jpg Format.
Send Cartoons Must Not Won Prizes Before.
Send Cartoons Must Not Been Published In The Previous Catalogs Of This Biennial.
First Prize: 1800 Euro, Trophy, Mention
Second Prize: 1300 Euro, Trophy, Mention
Third Prize: 900 Euro, Trophy, Mention
With Five 400 Euro For Five Person With Trophy, Mention
31 December 2018
Cartoon Must Be Sending To:
Web Site: