Finding ideas in cartoon/ Massoud ziaei ZaardKhashoui

1 – We need two elements for creating cartoon: Mind Movement, and Body Movement. Mind Movement: or mind incarnation, that is idea finding. Each cartoonist must have an idea for creating cartoon; because cartoon world is the world of idea. Body Movement: It’s in fact the movement after mind movement

History of Cartoon in Iran / Masoud Shojai Tabatabai

At the beginning of the 19th century the British and Russian colonialists were attempting to plunder the Iranian natural resources and were doing everything possible to make this country their colony. The Russian Empire occupied a vast part of the wealthiest and fertile territories of Iran, and the historical fate

The List Of Participants /Until: July, 06, 2014

Albania Medi Belortaja Algeria Kamel Berrani Argentina Daniel Eduardo Varela Australia Louis PoL Belgium Luc Descheemaeker Bosnia & Herzegovina Hule Hanusic Brazil J.Bosco Raimundo Waldez Bulgaria Anatoliy Stankulov China Jiarui Jun Jin Xiao Xing Wang Da Peng Colombia Jucalo Cuba Alfredo Lorenzo Egypt Ahmed Samir Farid Omar Seddek Mostafa India

The Petition On International Cartoon Competitions

The results of the 31st Aydin Dogan International Cartoon Competition 2014 have already shown us that the rules of such cartoon contests should immediately be revised according to the internet age. We, the undersigned cartoonists, suggest the following changes be added to the competition rules and taken into account by